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Lex Law Office is a modern law firm that provides legal assistance services in all key areas of law. We provide our clients with complex services that include legal, business and tax advice. Our special feature is that we offer our services mainly on the Internet, in order to save the customers' time and money. Customers can contact us through a convenient e-channel and, if necessary, meet a Lex Law Office lawyer in a convenient place for the client. We have a project pricing policy that allows our customers to plan their expenses and be sure of the final cost of the service before receiving it. It is important for us to be a flexible, convenient and reliable partner for our customers.
Legal advisory
  • Administrative law
  • Debt and contract law
  • Corporate law
  • Labor law
  • Family law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Penal law
  • Misdemeanor procedure
  • Enforcement procedure
Tax advisory
  • Representation in the tax process
  • Representation in process of third part liability
  • Representation of the transfer of the enterprise
  • Assessment of tax risks
  • Taxation optimization
  • Tax disputes
  • Everyday accounting
  • Draw up tax returns and reports
  • Preparation and presentation of annual reports
  • VAT registration
Why us?
Customers trust us with the hardest issues because they know that we can help them manage business risks.

We support the use of e-channels in communication, which saves the time and money of our clients. We are available to our customers in every corner of the globe.
Clear and transparent pricing policy
We settle the client on a case-by-case basis, not on business hours. Our client can take into account the cost of a particular service before receiving assistance, which in turn allows the client to significantly plan their outlays.

We are open to negotiations, changes, and we strive to offer our customers solutions that are the most satisfactory and enable them to succeed.
We offer the following services to our clients on a fixed price list
Start Up package
We help you start a business. We help you choose the appropriate business form and register the company, we will prepare the necessary foundation documents. We also offer two-hour personalized legal consultations, to provide our clients with business and tax advice that will enable you to successfully launch your business and avoid business risks. In the course of the consultation, you will find out which laws govern your company's activities, whether your business needs a license, which tax obligations and benefits can be used, and what are the possible business risks based on legal aspects. We advise you on registration of employees and VAT, help submit an application for VAT liability, and assist in the use of e-Tax/e-Customs services by the contracting authority/e-customs office.

Price: from 500 EUR, the price does not include state fee

Recovery of small claims
If you have a claim against a person in the amount of up to 6.400 euros and normal communication leads nowhere, we will help you to obtain an enforcement order (payment order) with simplified procedures, with less verification burden and costs, which will enable you to claim your claim and get a quick solution to the problem. We help to draw up and submit an application for urgent procedure for payment orders to the court. In the payment order proceeding, no court sessions will be held and the court will settle the application within 10 working days from the submission of the petition.

Price: claim up to EUR 1000 - 75 EUR
Claim up to EUR 3000 - 150 EUR
Claim up to EUR 6400 - 250 EUR

Preparation and review of contracts
No business is possible without contractual relations. Legally valid and well-considered contracts help to address business risks, clarify the parties' rights and obligations, and ensure the positions of the parties in the event of a dispute. In order to be sure of tomorrow, it is prudent to advance in proper contracts - it's easier to protect the company's interests if problems are encountered. Clear and thought-out contracts leave significantly less room for maneuver in order to dispute a party that does not fulfill its obligations. We help to create different categories of contracts, to review and to make the existing contractual bases more complete. Invest in your future and work with legally valid contracts.

Price: preparation starts from 40 euros per page
reviewing starts from 30 euros per page
Challenging fines and delinquency
You have received a fine or interest, but you feel that the penalty is not fair and that the procedural rules have been violated? We assist you in challenging fines or delinquency payments received as a result of a misdemeanor, as well as giving our judgment on the prospect of a dispute.

Price: from 75 EUR
Virtual currency license application
We will help you apply for a license to operate in virtual currency business.
It is possible to apply for an activity license in two areas of activity: offering a virtual currency exchange service and offering a virtual currency wallet service.
Virtual currency wallet service means a service in the framework of which keys are generated for customers or customers' encrypted keys are kept, which can be used for the purpose of keeping, storing and transferring virtual currencies.
When offering virtual currency exchange services, virtual currencies are exchanged against real currency. However, in the case of a virtual currency wallet service, the company does not have the right to exchange virtual currencies for cash.
We help to prepare and formalize the documents necessary for obtaining an activity license, including procedural rules and internal control rules.
We will provide you with the relevant application together with the documentation and, if necessary, we will contact the Money Laundering Bureau.
We advise you on all matters relating to the exchange, storage and transfer of virtual currency and the related application.

Price: from 3500 EUR, the price does not include the state fee

Service «My lawyer"
Have you ever thought that your company needs a lawyer, but you know that you would not want to hire someone full-time or you will not have enough tasks for him/her in the long run? We have a solution for you - we can provide you with a lawyer for as long as you want. This service includes monthly legal and tax advice in the selected volume. Your lawyer's service means personalized legal and tax advice for your company. You can turn to your lawyer for any legal, tax or business matter and he/she will find a solution to your company's interests and specifics. This package provides your company with the assurance that in the event of a legal issue, you will always have professional and prompt support and solution.

The package has a monthly fee and the minimum co-operation is 3 months, you can choose between four different packages. If you can not find the right option, we are happy to make you a personalized offer.
Service «My lawyer"
A startup or micro enterprise with up to 5 employees and a turnover of up to 100 000 euros per year
Up to 3 legal issues
Up to 2 contracts reviewed
1 legal document
Small Business
A small business with up to 20 employees and a turnover of up to 500 000 euros a year
Up to 10 legal issues
Up to 7 contracts reviewed
Up to 5 legal documents
A medium-sized enterprise with up to 50 employees and a turnover of up to 1 million a year
Up to 20 legal issues
Up to 25 contracts reviewed
Up to 10 legal documents
Continuous support via e-channels
A medium-sized company whose business is constantly subject to tax, legal and business issues that require urgent resolution
from 1500€
Unlimited number of legal issues
Unlimited number of contracts reviewed
Up to 30 legal documents
Continuous support via e-channels, phone and personal appointments
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